SunPower Monitoring System for Your Home


See Your Energy Information

The SunPower Monitoring System provides detailed visibility into how muchenergy your system produces each day, month, or year—enabling you tooptimize your solar investment.

Bill Savings Estimate

The SunPower consumption monitoring kit* provides an estimate ofsavings achieved by using your solar system. The savings are calculatedbased on the solar energy produced by your system and the energy usedby your household.

Environmental Savings

The environmental savings feature provides an estimate of reducedemissions achieved by using your solar system.

Mobile Device Apps

Keep track of your solar system performanceanytime, anywhere with a free app for youriPhone®, iPad®, or AndroidTM mobile device.

From Our Customers

“The monitoring system is a great way tosee how much electricity our solar panelsproduce and enables us to optimize ourenergy savings.”

“A great app for monitoring your use andproduction of kWh with excellent graphicsupport!”