California Valley Solar Ranch

The 250-megawatt (AC) California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR) in San Luis Obispo County is actively generating reliable solar power for Pacific Gas& Electric customers, while helping California achieve its progressive renewable energy goals. CVSR delivers enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 100,000 homes, while injecting an estimated $315 million of economic development into the local economy.The power plant, which was completed in October 2013, is jointly owned by NRG Energy and NRG Yield. SunPower designed, constructed and performs operations and maintenance at CVSR, which was built with SunPower Oasis Power Plant Technology. With more than three giga watts of power plant projects installed or under contract worldwide, SunPower isa proven leader in the design and construction of these significant projects. SunPower ensures that its projects are sensitive to the local land and surrounding uses, and its proven technology maximizes energy output over the long term. CVSR will operate emissions-free for 25 years or more.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

• Injects an estimated $315 million of economic development into local economy from 2011 through 2038

• Created 700 jobs during peak construction from 2011 to 2013

• Protects and preserves in perpetuity, more than 12,000 acres of land to meet conservation objectives for a range of species

• Offsets the production of up to 336,000 metric tons of green housegas emissions per year

• Generates emission-free power for approximately 100,000 homes,the equivalent of nearly every home in San Luis Obispo County