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Source: Aalto University Summary: Researchers have lengthened the lifetime of perovskite solar cells by using nanotube film to replace the gold used as the back contact and the organic material in the hole conductor. Five years ago, the world started to talk about third-generation solar cells that challenged the traditional silicon cells with a cheaper […]

Source: University of Oslo Summary: In the future, solar cells can become twice as efficient by employing a few smart little nano-tricks, suggest investigators in a new report. Bengt Svensson and co-workers are currently producing the solar cells of the future out of nano-materials, which will capture sunlight in both the red and the blue […]

This is the experimental polaron solar cell in the lab. Credit: Dirk Raiser, MPIbC/DESY An interdisciplinary team of researchers has laid the foundations for an entirely new type of photovoltaic cell. In this new method, infrared radiation is converted into electrical energy using a different mechanism from that found in conventional solar cells. The mechanism […]

Source: Lund University Summary: Researchers have successfully explained how iron-based dyes work on a molecular level in solar cells. The new findings will accelerate the development of inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar cells. The goal is to be able to use iron-based dyes in solar cells in the future. By using iron instead of other […]