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Your organization has committed to going solar. Now what? While you may have experience with other types of construction projects, taking part in a new commercial solar installation may seem like uncharted territory. This business brief offers a road map of what to expect on your journey from signing the contract to flipping the “on” […]

When you’re first investigating the possibility of implementing a commercial solar installation, the future looks bright. It’s exciting to think about the energy cost savings and the environmental and social benefits this clean, renewable resource will bring to your organization. But that’s someday, not today. At this point, having made a commitment to go solar, […]

More and more businesses are going solar. But are solar panels worth it or even a good investment for you? Understanding the true value of any business decision requires that you weigh the total benefit against the total cost. Evaluating potential solar solutions and determining the overall return on your investment goes well beyond a […]

How does solar energy work? What is the photovoltaic effect? What are the basic components that make up a commercial solar panel installation?  It’s actually pretty simple. This video overviews the typical commercial solar panel system components and how solar panels produce electricity. It even covers potential savings to your average electric bill with solar panels.  So if […]

When you decide to move forward with solar for your business, the placement and type of commercial solar installation are usually determined by the physical characteristics of your site. This video overviews the three typical onsite solar installation methods, including rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted arrays and carport solar panels. It also covers some of the reasons why […]

If your organization isn’t located in one of the more obvious top solar states, fear not. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) publishes a useful state-by-state list that details each state’s solar policies to help you make informed decisions about your own company’s renewable energy use. This is a great page to bookmark to keep track of […]

As you might imagine, there’s a ton of solar information available to business leaders, but where to begin? We’ve handpicked six great sites that offer insight into the latest solar incentives and policies, in addition to the activism that’s shaping them both. Whether you’re just starting out or well on your path to going solar, […]

The solar Investment Tax Credit, or solar ITC, is a federal incentive that can help eligible businesses offset their commercial solar panel costs*. This infographic answers the question: What is the solar ITC? As part of the broader Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, the solar ITC can be a significant factor in helping companies determine if and when […]

Net metering (also known as net energy metering or NEM) is a billing arrangement that allows businesses and individuals generating their own electricity to deliver unused energy back to their local power grid and get credited back for its retail price. While it’s a simple concept, it can lead to complex questions. Are all net […]