Challenging economic times may not seem like ideal conditions in which to make a major investment, but that’s exactly whatAnnabelle Candy Company, Inc. did. One of the largest independently owned candy bar manufacturers in the United States,Annabelle Candy saw the long-term savings solar power offered as a hedge against rising electricity costs and a way to reduceits utility budget.

With PowerGuard, Annabelle Candy can not only achieve their energy targets, but also enjoy betterclimate control for the whole factory because of the tile’s R-10 insulation factor. In the first year, the resulting energy savings willexceed $136,000—the equivalent of 180,000 candy bars. Over the next 25 years, their new solar system will save AnnabelleCandy approximately $6.5 million. With sunlight powering the factory as of December 2011, Annabelle Candy can focus moreof its budget on its employees and making great candy.


On time and on budget, the installation of Annabelle Candy’s 438 kW solarsystem was completed in December 2011. In April 2012, the solar systemproduced so much electricity that the local utility had to pay Annabelle Candyfor the first time ever. This is just the start of the savings that the system willprovide. Over the next 25 years, the system is projected to save AnnabelleCandy more than $6.5 million. At the same time, the solar electricity that itproduces will offset the burning of over 52,000 gallons of fuel, demonstratingthe company’s commitment to a cleaner environment. For Annabelle Candy, thecourage to invest during a difficult economy has been good for both businessand the environment.